I quit Video Games

Before you ask, no I'm not quitting because of of the Achievements ... 'm quitting because I still feel depressed and unable to move on with my life. Because of the CoC and regulations, I really can't say. What I can say is I quit because gaming has gotten to be too racist, bigoted, anti-rules and extreme-prejudiced to anyone that has Learning Disability and makes way too many racial jokes, I dislike that. Not to mention making life threats and wishing I can get ***ed. Not my thing. So farewell videogaming world. Oh, my previous tags for XBox (ORIGINAL) were Cl8n and Clay8on. My 360 gamertags were... GQ4582 GQ8525 OCDMindtrip666 NZaneGoth SilvrGmr WHOGAS See you whenever

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ok bye bye

see you next month.

Is this some sort of attention seeking?

If you wanna quit then just quit, there's no need to tell the world.

Looks like you have multiple accounts on 360?  Video games are like Crack!  You'll be back!