I paid $2 for THIS!!!

Tonight I went to a place called "Varsity Club", I believe it is a franchise.  They had a "Crane" machine and i spent 2 whole dollars to win Madden 12. Oh boy is the machine owner gonna be pissed! But, he won't be as pissed as I am.  I am already part of a class action lawsuit against EA and they have proven themselves a failure once again.  I've only played a few games and oh is Bullcrap oozing from my new GOW3 console!  Madden and his Turducken has put it to me once again! OH MY GOD THIS GAME SUCKS!!!!  I wonder if the MUT servers will crash half as much as madden 11 MUT servers would crash?  In only a few games I see the same old crap from the last game?  The graphics are terrible for a brand new state of the art game!  And why is it every year the way you kick has to change? WTF EA?  How many games get cancelled this month EA?  soon my little large company EA, you will **** off enough gamers and nobody will buy your crappy games! you are a monopoly and do not care about us gamers, only the bottom dollar.  Soon, when your customer base drops to nil, you might change or get bought out! GOOD LUCK swinging monkeys!


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Ill guess that you aren't part of a class-action lawsuit.  I also highly doubt your story, but who knows.  You probably played the game once.

I think the graphics are fine for a football game, it looks nice.  This isnt a first-person shooter, its football.  And is the kicking really that big of the deal?  Not only is it better than last years, but if they DIDNT change it, I bet you would complain about EA "Never improving their game" or "Repackaging".  I look at your post from top to bottom as a complete joke.

lol.  Because you didnt even attempt to defend ur post, ill assume my guesses were right

Dude... You spent $2. You're out 2 bucks and you're going crazy over how much you don't like the game. It was practically free. It's not like you're out a whole lot. Ditch the game or trade it in and be done with it. You'll probably make money from trading it in.

If you're really in a lawsuit with EA, good luck on getting it done. I just read in this months edition of GameInformer that EA is beefing up their contracts and all that stuff so it will be damn near impossible to sue them over anything.

u mad bro?

I think this game has improved from last year.  Though it, like every other VG, has flaws, I enjoy it.  Unfortunately, whatever company makes a game, there will be unhappy consumers to tell them why their product sucks.  EA will keep the license because it is a money maker for them.  As a consumer, my advice would be that if you dont like a game series or certain production company...just boycott it.

this game is horrible. its not news to anyone. EA needs to give up their licensing to someone who can create a game somewhat like football.

The game is 100% predetermined and there is nothing you can do about it. The game will *** you over using the computer and manipulate the game.

So, my post is a joke to you? yet you  responded?  I care so very much what you think about my post. Take it for whatever you want to. Try to be little more open minded to people and you just may make out of your mom's basement!