I only have one issue.

I have noticed while playing ffa, my favorite game mode, that I frequently spawn right beside, in front or around other people.  This has become annoying and people are starting to camp the spawn area's.  To put it nicely, the spawn points are not as random as other cod games.  Please fix this issue as soon as possible.  Other than that no issues, I have moved to domination and tdm until this is fixed.  Thank you.  And thanks for letting me display my hard work in previous cod games, and giving me a little something in the form of tokens, it feels good to be appreciated.  


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This is my only issue really with the game so far. It has the worst spawn system in any FPS, let alone any COD, that I have ever played. I swear the algorithm is set to "He just killed you, respawn 10 cm away and seek revenge"

I have had to totally change up my game style from run and gun to sneak and hold a particular area.  Their are so many places for people to hide, you absolutely do not run out in the open.  If I go to climb a ladder or go down a ally, I get shot in the back by someone who just spawned behind me.  

Movement around the map isnt my issue. Ill sort that out with time and knowing the maps and peoples tendencies. The retardedness of spawning in this game is atrocious. I never compare the two games, but I thought that it was frustrating spawning on a teammate in BF and getting killed by grenades or whatnot. But for me to die in MW because I LITERALLY spawned into bullets being fired at teammate...cmon. They need to address this somehow.

today I did a little better, I totally changed up my game play style to be more observant before running out in the open, I also found that only sub-macs, assault rifles, and snipers work in this game.  Shot guns are just about useless.  Some tweaking on the spawn points are needed.

The last update has helped somewhat, I no longer spawn right in front of people, but I still find myself sometimes spawning right beside someone else who is spawning.  

No doubt, I thought spawning in front of a tank or into an artillery strike in BF2 was bad, but at least in that game I could chose where I spawned.

I spawned right below a predator missile. Killed instantly.  I've also noticed it's really easy to get killed by your own care package, this has happened 3 times to me already, when I saw it drop i go to lie next to it to retrieve but sometimes they fall on their end and then topple over, this will kill you even if it lands and then just topples onto you...