I offer more money than they ask, and players refuse to re-sign. What gives?

I'm in my third year of franchise (owner) mode and about 70% of the players coming up for re-signing, cut off negotiations...after I've offered them MORE money than they've ASKED FOR.

The team went 4-12, 10-6, and 12-4 with a loss in the divisional playoff so it can't be team success...

I've tried upping the bonuses, but that doesn't work.

Is this a glitch?  Is it because of something else?  This isn't explained anywhere and I can't find any reason why this keeps happening.

Seriously, man, when a player asks for 8.9 million over 3 years, I offer 9.5/3yr, and they just break off negotiations like they've been insulted, something's wrong.

So...what is it, folks?


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No one wants to play for Smog.  Bad reputation around entire league.  Owners will probably vote to strip you of ownership very soon.

Sometimes, it's not only the amount of money you offer a player. Just like in real life.

It's basically how you use the player. if the player thinks he's a starter but you have them in a 3rd string role or barely use them they'll take their talents elsewhere.

up the offers. stop being cheap.

Sometimes you can't buy your way out of a problem.