i noticed something odd about Act IV: Chapter 1 Ashes to Ashes spoiler warning

for those that played this level, you will notice all the ash people. now according to the games story, the cities like char where hit with hammer of dawn strikes from orbit because the locust had overrun the cities. if this is the case, why are there no ash locusts? you figure there would be ash locusts mixed in with the ash people. i don't think the stranded would risk their life and resources to go around and destroy all the ash locusts. and the locusts don't seem the type to go around and destroy the ash locusts themself's. so this means there was no locusts in char. so why would the COG destroy the city then? what do you all think about this?


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good question. i would go with the--stranded destroyed the ash remains of locust. sounds logical. its possible epic overlooked the possibility of locust remains.

i dont think it ties into the story of gears in anyway.

it would be cool story wise if they go somewhere with that in future DLC. like maybe the COG was testing the hammer strikes on populated cities to see if they work. could play into why the stranded hate the COG and gears.

In the games it talks about how they destroyed the cities BEFORE the locusts arrived.