I new to xbox live i don't have xbox yet but i would like to some friends

i going pick the Xbox slim that comes with the 250 gb drive forza 4 and skyrim i have 3 friends i known form face book i would add forza 4 players that shown me ropes i never played a racing on like this forza befor i looking to making  new friends


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this didn't copy over for word too well some word are miss sorry that guys for give me

Get the xbox first then post on the forum play some online games then try to get some friends....Just Saying

Hi Excalibur.  

who's excalibur my name Wesleyis your boyfriend

apparently your gamer tag is BACK TO GAMING, and yes what did you mean by hello Ex Calibur..... lol

oh, my bad.  ; )  Hi new guy that has never posted here before.  : D

A new Xbox cause the other one is banned xD

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