I NEED YOU!! Read this.

.I Hope that you'll be interested in my proposal. As many of you see on YouTube when you look up to see "biggest castle" or "biggest town.....etc", I will be builder an 9th wonder of the world an I NEED YOUR HELP. So fellow minecrafters at my request I wish you to step fourth in front of your brotherns an HELP. At the end of our labor we will behold a glorious Castle no man has ever seen before. It will posses Cathedrals bigger then any one in existence. It will veil Dungeons that are big enough to fit a Cracken. The halls will sieze to exist in any other world for they are sheer art work. If you think your qualified for this noble work then Msg/Add me. ---Requirement--- Age must be 15+/ Skilled Worker. MUST BE COMMITED. 1-3 Month process. Will be available to download upon finishment. Also mechinima Will be Showing it on their channel.


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Sorry, not a big fan of fantasy or castles. It's far too easy anyways. Why not build giant robots or an actual working computer?

Build a robot? A functional one isnt possible. Computer? Also not possible

Computer not possible ? Tell that to this guy : [View:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51kOxeaBUd4]

i will help wen my xbox is back