i need to beat playthough 1

if any one could help me beat playthough 1 let me knoe because i am gettin tired of being on playthough 1 but the only problem obt my character is that it is a level 69 and yet i still did not beat it because i would help my friends beat it but no one helped me beat it i am still on the mission keep your inside inside 


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find me online next days, we can run through whatever u want in your game, it takes about 8 hours to complete a playthrough - are you sure that is not just a glitched mission or did u never play much on your game?

theres a way to figure out if its the bug insides inside .host a game check your fastravel locations if u see new haven or any other locations other than underdome,tbone junction,zombie island,forgot the name of the other one for claptrap then its a bugged quest.

the mission keep your inside inside is a glitched mission that is no good.