I need some people for wave 50, any difficulty, any map.

At first I didn't care about the 50 wave acheivment because I figured it would just eventually come. But well over 600 waves it would appear some BS always happens to me and causes me not to get it...Just yesterday some idiots decide to QUIT in wave 50 and ruin the whole thing. I have attempted doing 50 alone but just doesnt seem possible. Anyone?


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It's not too hard solo on overpass.


   I got 2 others waiting for a team. Send me a friend request and maybe we can all knock out horde on insane this weekend

you being serious about overpass?

send us a add il play from whatever wave u want to start. iv played wave 1-49 so pretty much just need the last wave to beat but send me an addy for anyway anytime

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you being serious about overpass?



Overpass is probably the easiest map to complete all 50 waves of horde on. The vantage point is beautiful for taking out all the enemies because they all spawn beneth you. I would suggest starting from level 40 to build up  some cash to buy a turret a sentry and some barriers if you solo it

I managed to pull this off on Overpass. I started at wave 50. I failed it probably 5-6 times but with fat cash each round 3k-5k I was able to use decent fortifications. I still think it would be about impossible depending on WHAT the games spawns at you. It was easiest to beat when they kept spawning Reavers, I would go to where the high up base is located and take cover and using Super Reload I could own the Reavers really quickly. But other times it would instead spawn Brumaks or Berserkers, well that was not worth trying.

Add me for Horde. overpass is the easiest map, but I've only managed to get to level 30 on it. I really want to conquer mercy but its difficult and people quit alot. Got to Level 49 on the level thats inside, and looks like a hospital, might be gridlock, not sure. But its chaos, but its absolutely do-able. People just never stick it out.

Also, as this wouldn't be a post without some form of complaint, I have built a strong dislike for Armoured Kantus, but they've turned into a great nemesis. Gotta give Epic credit for the sheer amount of enemies.

if you still haven't done it or anyone esle hasn't, let me know.

I did waves 1 to 50 in one session and will do it again with a good team. send me a FR

feel free to add me for some waves. I'm down for a good sessions with a good team.