I Need Some Help.

  • Hello guys,
    I know that most of you wont even take this seriously or even give a crap, but me and my friend are trying to get are names out there. 
    We have started doing Minecraft videos and would like everyone to waatch them and pm us on our youtube channel with feedback of how to improve
    Were counting on you guys!
    Thank you to all who actually take this seriously.

  • www.youtube.com
    Hello guys this is our first video i hope you like it. We hope to get better at it and hope to get better quality. Thanks!
    GT: IHK Weezy IHK Cotton

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Just trying to get popular and what not? I hear that. I'll give it a look.

Will check it out, but you should not advertise other websites here on the xbox forums.

I would recommend adding a link to your YouTube channel in your forum signature. Good luck with it either way though

I don't think he's advertising a website, he just wants people to check out his work in Minecraft.