I need some help with that butterfly in DRF...

I'm SL 42 if anyone wants to jump in my game and show it who's boss.

I read somewhere you can find an NPC to summon that does a lot of ranged damage on the thing, but I can't find her.
Also, I got told soul arrows are the key here, but they do 14 damage to it, but my intelligence is at 11 I believe, would my bow do better against it?

Trouble with a butterfly, I say...


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What are your strength and dex like? With those stats decently high and an appropriately leveled bow you'll tear the butterfly apart, I just did this fight and I'm soul level 20.

I was around SL20-30, I just waited and dodged its homing attack, and when it brings it's head the edge I went to town on it with my Zweihander. After 3 rounds of that its dead, just takes a few mins for it to come to the bridge. Im evenly stated out, and did more melee damage then I did with range

Thanks for the tips boys. :)

My stats are; 21 Str and 17 Dex.

My bow is the short bow you can buy from the first merchant in the Undead Burg, I've yet to find anything decent.

You'll get a composite bow down the road. best bow in the game

Surprised no one said to summon the witch. I'm a heavy strength character and she pretty much killed the butterfly for me. All you have to do is make sure you're human and check at the bottom of that big tower you have to walk up. Underneath that lone bush in the corner will be a summon sign.

Thank you guys, you utter legends.

I shall get right to this now.

You could also get the Crest Shield from the Asylum which would negate a lot of magic damage and just roll out of most of the attacks it fires. Wait for it to land and just wail on it until it dies. It's what I did. One of the easiest boss fights.

Tenjin is right, before you fight that fly again, you need to look up on how to get back to the asylum, the tutorial area, and you have to explore that area and look for the crest shield, as that shield has 85% magic resistance. It is VVVEERRRRYYYY important that you grab this shield as it also helps you a HELL of a lot with other enemies and bosses that does magic attacks. Also, You can hide behind the doorway you came through when the fly's on the other side of the bridge as all its spells will hit the doorway, its a safe zone, use that to heal up if you need.

i was a level 30 i think when i fought him i had pyromancy +10 i think and he folded with 4 fireballs in no time.

Thank you very much everybody, brilliant community here. I think I might very well stay and get to know more of you. :)

Anyway, started again, as a Thief. I made the mistake of boosting, and way over-leveled for the areas but under-estimating the bosses every time I fought them.

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