I need some clarification about this beta please

I am very confused.   I know it is a beta build but....


 1) How come nothing is destructible?  All of the buildings and stuff.... none of them blow up... at all... there was more 'destruction' in BC2. 

2) Where are all the vehicles?? Will there be more vehicles in the final game??

3) The graphics are nice, but will they be better in the final game??


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1) They turned off almost all destruction for the beta.

2) Operation Metro should have an LAV but they removed it for the beta. Bad move imo.

3) Apparently the final version will look far better, according to the developers. I hope so.

1. It is in the final game but they took it out of the beta because they thought it was too much and could cause crashes and freezes

2. This map has no vehicles but most of the other maps will have vehicles such as tanks , humvees and jets

3. I am not sure

1) dice has said that buildings will not be completley destructable in multiplayer but portions of them will.

2)The beta  does not include a number of things included in the final game, vehicles is one of them. Another is the ranking system hasnot been finalized. So you will not be able to keep your rankings from the Beta.

3) I don't really know about the graphics, but DICE has said that the beta is about a month behind the final game with many bugs that are in the beta being fixed. I imagine the graphics are close if not final as you see them (my speculation)

Okay, thanks for clearing that up!

So hopefully the real game will have atleast slightly better graphics,and more destruction.  

But do u have a source I can see?

One strange thing about the graphics is when you are able to advance to the station area and drop down the hole on the right, have you noticed that the vents (walls on either sid eof you) seem to be blurred and not fully loaded. Is this a glitch or have they made it like that?