I need information on the Locus helmet.

I'm SR-43 right now and I don't see the Locus helmet anywhere. Now, I'm pretty sure that, like all of the pre-order bonuses, there's a way to get it in-game. I've seen one picture of it in-game and it was not like the one from Mighty Ape that has a big ol' "X" on it. I want this helmet more then any of the others. If you have any information on it, would please message me?


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You wont, it was an exclusive Pre-Order bonus...it is not an unlockable...which is why Im glad I have it lol

There are 2 versions of it, though. One has the "X" on it and there's another that just has a vertical stripe.

ah ok, well the pre-order one has the X, not seen the other one. Then not seen anyone else using the Locus helmet online but me so far

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