I need help with The Sims 3

i was playing the sims last night and my sim was at the park chatting or whatever and all of the sudden there's these two ghosts who are a man who drowned and a woman who got electricuted somehow walking down the street . Anyway, the woman ghost started to like me and she won't leave my house my sim is married and so this is definitely not cool. can anyone help or tell me what to do to get rid of this ghost? how can i get rid of a ghost who isn't part of my family or houseshold?


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get a priest lol

A real answer this time. Any other suggestions?

um if i remember you gotta find thier urn of ashes,you can make them pass on to the light from there.

having a ghost is actually a good thing btw,they will clean,cook and not have trash or cause trouble.your simwife will actually not be bothered by her at all.

ive had ghosts follow home party guests as well,i always kept the grandparents around after death to clean etc.



I don't remember well but i think you need get rid of a stone or something that belongs to the ghost. Check your inventory.