I Need Help With The "Fly The Co-op" Achievement

I've beaten the time for Hangman's Noose--I am still willing to help those who still need it--now I just need Bomb Da Base II and Deal Breaker.

I'm still quite inexperienced to these game modes and I'm going to need someone who's patient and able to bear with me through my mistakes. I am also willing to do the same for anyone who's interested.

If you're unfamiliar with the requirements for this achievement, just tell me and I will provide links that should give you a better idea of what's required.

Either messaging me here or through xbox would be ideal. Thanks!


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herp a derp... I can help.

Still need the times?

I have them right here.

Deal Breaker - 7:03

Hangman's NOOSE - 2:32

Bomb Da Base II - 5:34

If im incorrect please let me know.. If anyone still interested in doing this achievement please feel free to send me a message... i have everything planned out on these missions.. HAVE FUN AND ENJOY!

What about "Hangman's NOOSE" and "Bomb Da Base II"?

Deal Breaker is 7:03 and I did it with a friend in Ranked. Wasn't too many people playing it these days to end up in the same lobby.

That is very apprciated. No; I played with another level 10 who was NOT on my Friend's List. We played "Dela Breaker" and he got me to the location within a few seconds. Perhaps that could be the reason. Anyways, I'll remeber you for next time. Thanks for the help. If you could list the EXACT times, that would help. Perhaps one of the sites dispalyed the WRONG time?

Do you know what was your fastest time? It may be that either

1. You may have missed the time by a few seconds

2. The game doesnt allow you to get the achievement if your playing with friends

3. Your probably right but who actually knows

Ill be glad to help just to make sure.. just shoot me a message and ill assist in any way..

This achievement might be glitched, as I've successfully beat EVERY time and still did not get it. Not trying to be a bummer but it MIGHT happen to you too.

Just got "Fly The Co-op" today. Had to beat Deal Breaker. It was pain from the last time I tried going for it. But I'm up for helping. It's been a while since I've beat the time on Bomb Da Base but I have a friend that probably wouldn't mind helping as well.