i need help with the hell hound

every time i try to get a hell hound to follow me it says ive alredy got an animal with me but i dont. any way to fix this?


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Whoa you can get a hell hound as a follower? The only ones I've come across are enemies. Are the armored trolls cool to have as a sidekick? Just wondering.

i think the armored trolls are only for the dawnguard and the hell hound are for the vampire

sorry if that was a spoiler im new to posting on the forum

Haven't played the vampire side, but to answer Camo's question, the trolls seemed kinda dumpy to me.  You can also get armored husky's to follow you on the Dawnguard quest line.  In an attempt to answer your question Zero, have you tried fast traveling somewhere to see if a dog shows up with you?  I am sure you have, but, that's the generic answer to people that are having trouble with followers that get lost.