I need help with my Machinima.

Hi im doing a Machinima and all my crew quit and I need four more main character,3 Spartans,3 odst's,1 elite field Marshall,2 elite generals,and 3 random armored elites ranks minor to zealot.
And we need map designers that would help too and someone with a capture card.. Anyways if you would like to be in it post it down below or pm me. 

Important stuff:

Plot Outline:Join Spartan A-213 Archer as a mysterious interrogator forces him to recall the events leading up to the fall of Reach, starting with the unveiling of Project B.E.T.A The first ever Spartan A.I. At this time, Winter Contigency is declaired meaning the Covenant is on Reach. Now Archer with the help of Spartan III Delta Squad must make sure that Beta does NOT fall in to enemy hands, no matter what.

The parts that are open that you would like to try out for. ( In order of importance )
John ( Sniper )
Rob ( Heavy Weapons )
Beta ( Spartan A.I )
Admiral Mark
Field marshal ( Elite leader and main bad guy )
Elite General #1
Elite General #2
Elite Zeolot #1
Elite Zeolot #2
Odst #1
Odst #2
Odst #3
Spartan #1
Spartan #2
Spartan #3
Also Voice actors for all those characters ( unless body actors want to do voice as well )
Camera Man
Guy with Capture Card
Person who helps write scripts with me.

And auditions will be at 4:30 pm Eastern time ( US ) On Saturday October 8th


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so you need help on everything, damn dude better take part of one machinima instead of trying and making a new one

^ What he said. Plus if you start out helping out another then you'll meet other people that are into making them and you'll have a better chance of getting people to help with yours. Not only that, but the people that do end up helping with yours will likely have more experience than random people from here. But totally up to you, if you still want to do it this way, be my guest, just think you'd have better luck the other way.

What those guys said is a good idea and if you're thinking of doing what they suggested I could probably give you a place in my clans machinima. Although we haven't completely done the outline for each episode we have a fixed plot for about 3 seasons. We have the main chars so if you did want to join for that kind of role I don't think we'll be adding any more. Anyway we have a capture card and stuff so if you're interested send me a message and I'll talk to the others about it. But seeing how this is a bit late you might have a new cast and crew, if you don't then feel free to join ours (:

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Pretty much :P


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