I need help with Moon easter egg

Does anyone want to help my friends and me with the Moon easter egg achievements? I suck at Moon, one friend is alright at it but not very good and  the other one seems skilled at Zombies. We need 1 more skilled Zombies player who has both the Shangri-La and Call of the Dead easter egg achievements. We also need that person to be the host. I already have both easter eggs done and I just need the Moon one done. My other two friends don't have both achievements. Even if I'm pretty much a noob at Zombies, I still want those achievements. Also, I think I should warn you about one of my friends. He has anger issues. So get ready for a lot of complaining.


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Oops! I forgot. I don't have the Moon Map. Darn it! Well I guess I can use my brother's account because he has all the requirements for it and he's been wanting the Moon achievements too. So just message pro ninja88 or send him a friend request. Either I will play as pro ninja88 or my bro will. I don't know. My bro is way better than me at Zombies. Also, my bro has the map pack on his account just so you know.

If you need help with zombie achievements then my people can help.  Just in case the forum moderators are reading my post, I am not recruiting for my clan, just introducing it.  I'm the founder of CCG, a community clan.  Any of us can help you. Here's the link to a thread explaining CCG.  Compare games with me and you'll see Beast Mode is ON for Black Ops.


Okay. Cool. I don't have the Moon map yet but my bro, pro ninja88 does. You can send him a message and ask him if he wants your help. He'll most likely accept you.

mabey but do u guys get on regularly

Yeah. I do.

I'm super keen to do this! I have all other zombies achievements and I played a game on moon last night where someone showed me sooo many secrets. Had no idea you could hack the boxes so it only cost 600 etc Although I hadn't played it for a few months. Message me and lets try it tonight!

I need the secret  achievement too it's the only one I need. I'm willing to help anyone with other achievements as well

Hi, people. I gave up on the Moon achievements. I've tried several times and I keep failing. But I do know another guy who can help you. His Gamertag is KillJoyseries89. Just message him and send him a friend request and he'll most likely help you.

Add me If you want help, I done every zombie achievement for all maps, I know the easter eggs and everything.

i would do it easily but i have no xbox live mine ran out unless u have a two day trial