I need help with Heroic Campaign on Reach

Hi. I'm Angel and I'm 18 years old. I need help. I'm trying to unlock an achievement by completing Halo Reach campaign on Heroic difficulty. I already beat the first 4 levels and I'm at the "Tip of the Spear" level. A lot of my friends aren't usually online and some of them just goof off and play around too much instead of doing the level and focusing on the objective. I want at least 2-3 people to help me beat the campaign. I don't care how old you are as long as you're 14 or older and you're mature enough to actually try to complete the levels. Also, you must have a mic. Please send me a friend request and a message if you wanna help me.


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I forgot to tell you that I'm not very good at Halo Reach, which is why I need help.

I would love to help you but the thing is I can only help you on the weekends........

you could go to the co-op campaign in matchmaking... of course people will skip the cut scenes & stuff & u likely won't get the levels in the order u want.. so there is that.


I like the campaign.. so u can find me and I'll play through... we can do it legendary if u want and u will get both achievements.. heroic & legendary

I'd be glad to help, I'm just not available much. I'm in college and am very busy during the week, and then usually work on weekends (except this upcoming weekend is my first weekend off since July :D ). I'll shoot you a FR.

Really? I'd get both achievements? I didn't know that. Awesome. I'll send you a friend request. Thanks for actually willing to help unlike most of my friends. lol

I'm alright with that. I'll send you a friend request.

Oh I just wanna throw out there that I have family settings so I can only hear my friends....... XD