i need help on halo reach it says sever mess ups

on halo reach today in the morning i was play halo reach and then i had to go to the library to get books then next thing i know when i come back it says server univalable plz try agin later and then i go loo connection then i try conecting to xbox live then i try to turn it off and try to take out CD and then i do it alll over again then i did it over an hour and a half an hour then i try all of it all over again and then it was also showing i am lvl 1 and i seargant and i was warrant office grade three but then it just poped up like that when i ame back and i really need help i mean what the hell i was just gone for an half an hour man that is idiotic i need it to turn back to where it was i mean i was playing this game since i was eight but now i am nine and that sucks i really was wanting to play it it nether did this before i ve that game someone help i hate this stuff doing this i hate my max lvl going down i hate my connection being lost i hate my matchmakings gone this is stuiped someone help me out with this now plz now i hate this hell i nee some help plz someone plz help! :(


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nvm its working now