I need help joining the Halo Waypoint fourms.

Hello and I hope I can get some help.

When I go here: 


I type in my E-mail address and my gamertag.

It says your gamertag is your screen name but it just says in blue: THAT USERNAME IS NOT AVAILABLE 

Theres nowhere to type another username so what do I do? 


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This happened to another poster who came by and asked for help. Unfortunately, I'm not sure anyone here knows the solution. The best thing would to contact 343 in some way.

hi Arsentic, one thing is that the waypoint forum is still in beta, so there are a few known bugs/glitches.

a interesting solution for a few as well as myself is: whilst being logged into this XboX forum open a new tab/page go to waypoint and then froums and it automatically logs me in?! maybe give that a shot, i was just reading a few posts over at waypoint about some users with similar probs since you cant login yourself =)

Same problem here! It's p**ing me off! And I can't find a way to contact them!

I dunno, I kind of like this forums more, I dont even know where the 343 forums are, and honestly dont care, I love the community here so I'll stay on this forums

Why would you even want to join the waypoint forums? You should be thankful you can't join. The forum, moderators, and community are terrible.


Bungie.net and Xbox.com are much nicer.

you wont find any other forums like the xbox ones :P