I Need Help, I'm stuck outside the armoury

If anyone still comes to these forums and feels like giving me a hand, i'm stuck outside the armoury and can't hand in the last mission.I would just need to come into  your game and run through it.If you can help me just message me,Thanks.


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what mission are you on that you can't get done?

state the playthrough and mission title name, if you don't know then you'll get no help.

The armory assault quest playthrough 1.

Did you glitch to loot the armory, and you are now stuck outside? If so i got a video that Helped me get unstuck.

Armory Assault that is the first quest you get to go in to the Armory where you put the code in after you fight knoxx. If you want to get the Completions achievement on that character then just play and do it in Playthrough 2. I am sure their are players who are at level 69 that never did that mission on the Playthrough 1, I know I have a few characters that I never did that one on.