I need HELP! I cannot get into multiplayer Gears Of War battles.

I have just got a used copy of GOW2. I have been playing the single player campaign. However when I try to go online with my Gold account there is no one in the lobby but me! I also get a messege sometimes saying that one of the people online doesnt have the required map packs etc. to join in and play online. I suspect that player is me. So my question is this, can I play other people online with only the GOW2 game without buying anything else? I really just want some online opponents and dont care about new maps etc. I also like horde. If I do need to download map packs or anything else, can someone kindly tell me exactly what I need?



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What lobby are you trying to join?  Did you download the map packs.  I know some of the playlist require you to have the map packs and not for sure but I think you might need them for social.

Might sound obvious but do you search for games?? example ranked execution, guardian, ETC. Normal ranked requires no maps, social does.

I have download the combustible map pack for 400 points

I am now playing online thanks!

I was going to ask this, but you have answered it for me!! I too grabbed a used copy the other day and have no map packs (believe me, I want 'em). So, ranked doesn't require DLC but most of social does...got it thanks!!!