I need full battlefield experience

How comes no one in the game talks at all and a lot of people just wait for planes all game?

If you have a mic and values teamwork, add me so we can game. GT: newyorkjets19


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Hello, and welcome to Battlefield! You must be new here.

Its a known fact that the in game chat was killed when party chat became available. Also if you have played any of the other Battlefields you will know people want the "best" vehicle or gunning machine. Therefore people will wait around until the thing they want is there and try get it first. The result is half the team standing around and the other half playing the game.

This is Battlefield.

Joey is just a troll who hasnt even played the game obviously.

When people camp for the jets I ruin the fun for them when I have some free time. I destroy the jets.

play a map without jets is the best solution tbh.

the good news is, when a decent pilot takes to the skies they probably won't die.

people never talked in game chat on 360 compared to original xbox, BF2MC people always had mics and usually worked as a team, but the 360 version of the same game had no such luck.