I need friends to play zombies on call of duty (ascension and call of dead)

I have been on level 39 ascension solo and with four plays 34 and call of dead 29 with 4 ppl. I love to play zombies so if u like to play add my gamertag and we will be breaking some records lol. But Im older in my 30's but age dont matter... Just  looking for good players that work as a team. Hope to cya on zombies soon :)


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I wanted to have my name on five post in a row

I'll play. I always wanted to get 40+ on my records for all of the maps. I have First Strike and Escalation, so if you want you can accept my F/R and we'll give it a go. I prefer to play with 3 or less people, but 4 is okay, reason being is because there's less zombies to deal with. Hope to see ya online!

I'll play too. Half of my friends that play zombies are ok, but we never get really high in rounds though.

Usually I can hold my own, it's when the other downed players zombies finally overpower me I'm done, so feel free to FR me.

I'll play. i too am in my 30's. and been to 28 on call of dead and 24ish on ascension. just hit me up.

Ill play for fun and only play if you arent a point hog.