I need challenges please

So, starting a challenges series on my youtube channel (same name as here) and basically I need challenges. You know like permadeath in the campaign with only pistols, survive as a bounty online using only the pistol, etc. Thank you

PS: If you have any for L4D 1 or 2 let me know


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GTA V hardcore mode, no auto aim, any thing hud wise turned off (mainly the map), no saves and only the SMG (The Uzi once unlocked), extra challenge make it a speed run.

Left 4 Dead 2 Beat a Expert Realism with four people (no bots) Two people have to use Melee the whole time, and two get guns (mainly because of tanks) Any map but it needs to be a full start to finish run

Left 4 Dead 1 Play a full game of versus without the enemy team quitting. (This is a joke, because there is no way you can win this challenge -evil laughter-)

Another GTA V one would be To get 7 people in a game steal a police riot have four on the sides two in the back and someone driving and hold the cops off at 5 stars for 1-3 days in game. In a open lobby 4 or more deaths equal a failure. Also you could use any other vehicle that could hold a bunch of players such as a bus or SUV.

Hope this helps get the ball rolling.

Also I can help with these if you need anyone, for any of the games, just add me or let me know, I'll be free Monday and on to help. Left 4 Dead is probably one of my favorite games, and GTA is meh right now so doing something challenging wise would be fun.