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Look I made a post similar to this for fallout 3 but I guess I'll make one here. Now look i am a very mature 13 year old and I want fallout new vegas and fallout 3 very badly, becuas. RPGs are amazing and are far better than a shooter but put them together and you have an amazing game! However, I cannot enjoy these games because my mother is overprotective about the video games i play, however  she has been slightly less strict about it recently. And my dad  doesn't really care, but I am not sure whether or not I ask my mom (just to be safe) and risk not getting FO3 or FNV at all. Or risk it and just have my dad buy them for me? Or something else, I just need some help with this, and one more thing. Before you go off saying "No 13 year old should play fallout" I am very mature and I know all of the sexual content/drugs/violence and swearing in the game and it does not bug me. Just need some ideas or suggestions or opinions or whatever... I just want FO3 and FNV any advice you could provide is much apreciated :D


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