I need a squad to play with. Tired of not having support.

anybody want to squad up with me? im pretty decent at BF3 and i do actually go for objectives. Depending on what my squad has im usually either a medic or support class. im Just tired of reviving people and never getting revived myself. i dont average many kills a game but i am usually at top of scoreboard because of revives and heals and resupplies. not to mention points for capping objectives. i prefer conquest but i will play rush. Add me on xbox live, ill be on most the night tonight seeing as how im off tomorrow.


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I pretty much only play rush now.  Conquest is boring in many ways.  Some maps lack enough vehicles and then your stuck on foot to the point where ya rather just commit suicide then spawn on your squad to get there faster then wasting maybe a couple minutes of hiking accross the countryside.  Also CQ is way to easy for objective points.  I prefer a challenge.  So I play rush.

^^^^^lol, A challenge? the M60 in BC2 is an example, right?To the OP, if you want to squad up, I'm usually 'best support' player in every round I play, I need  medic that will clear the area before he revives me though.

Yeah I like a challenge.  You dont seem to like a challenge since you play hardcore for easy kills. You use to say that was the easy mode back in BC2 days why the change?  Also nothing wrong with the M60.  I did most of the dirty work clearing out most areas.  While you hid playing sniper with your M1 trying to pat your K/D.  lol

You want a challenge?

Try sneezing while taking a p e e.

Hardest thing ever.

normal rush is the stat paddingest mode in any game