I need a quick rundown of ME3 story and ending..

i cant be bothered to play this i played me1 good and bad with both sexes but me2 just aint doing it for me. im playing a good fem i was thinking about bad fem but i cant really bring myself to play again... so can someone give me a briefe detailed rundown..


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try wikipedia....if you cant be bothered to play it then quite frankly anything we tell you will be redundant

Stuff happens, enemies attack, you gather troops, meet some old friends, fight back, then see a light show.

Dont waste your time with ME3 it was utter crap.  EA have really ruined the franchise.  How the hell can ME1 and ME2 be amazing games and ME3 turns out to be a big pile of crap.  

Plus why the hell did Bioware put missions in that expire after a certain lenght of time.  What a joke this franchise has become.

ME1 is like Star Wars, ME2 is like The Empire Strikes Back, ME3 is like The Phantom Menace.

Ea could not care about that ending, all the care about is selling garbage DLC.