I need a new gamertag :(

Seriously. I still have 800 MSP left, which is just enough to change my gamertag. Anyone got any suggestions? I am thinking of either "THUNDRAR", "N64 Nostalgia" or "REBQRN". 


It's a damn shame how every decent gamertag was taken by some douchebag who never used the account more than once. Why the @#$% doesn't MS just delete them and make them up for grabs for everyone else? 


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Have you not already made a thread about changing your gamertag? I remember reading one from you maybe you should stop caring so deeply about a simple name? Save your MSP for DLC or maybe a arcade game instead of changing your name makes no real difference except what will show when you log on for your friends and play online.

Whats wrong the name you have now?

Previously known as Win7Xbox 360

Lol where did you get Thundrar from. Reborn with a q looks gimicky, and N64 nostalgia just makes it seem like you are begging people to recognise you as an old school gamer.

MS doesnt delete the account because there is always the possiblity that the person will go back onto that gamertag, just to find it gone.

The one you got now isn't to bad..but if you really want to change it just think of stuff you like and try to make a name from it.

I'm tied between,

Barbie Express
Analog Jesus
Raw Stupidity

And you just changed it 3 weeks ago.  But it's your 800msp.

gotta keep it simular)- the un durrr- spaced out would work 2.  Durr as in a slow person.....

LOL Thundarr the Barbarian. Geez I'm old.