I need a dark souls mentor... please

I am new to dark souls and ive gotten through a good bit of the game, rang both bells , drained water in new londo,  killed moonlight butterfly ect,   but there is still so much i dont know about this game i just need a friend to talk to and play the game with (in a private chat not party so we can still be online in seperate worlds.)  i just need someone to walk me through some parts and explain some things to me and typing doesnt really help i need friends on my list that play dark souls 

GT  Destructive vG


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#PraiseTheSun I can be your Huckleberry. I'm usually on most nights starting at 10 PM EST. Play for about an hour or so, I can help you out my man. Love Co-op #SunBro!!

ill be glad to help. i am on my 3 play through right now and im level148

bump this thread because I didn't want to make a new thread, anyway I am new to this game and loving it but could always use some tips and help from other players cause it is brutal at times.

Feel free to post your questions.  If you need help at specific spots and want to summon, make sure to post your sl so that people can know whether they are able to help or not.