I miss the OLD Halo days

I don't mean to sit here and rave about Halo 3, but does ANYONE remember like 4-5 years ago when everyone had a mic and EVERYONE talked on Halo 3??

I literally made new friends everyday

When Halo: Reach came out, I was looking forward to the same experience..

I don't mean to sound like I'm complaining, because I know that nobody is required to have mics, but my Psych profile is set to the following...

Chattiness: Chatty

Motivation: Good Time

Teamwork: Team Player

Tone: Rowdy

Yet I'm still matched with other players who have NO mics, and if I ever am matched with one or two people who do...they don't ever talk.

I miss the old days..everyone was a lot more willing to talk to strangers just for the heck of it back then, hopefully with the new Halo that's said to be coming out, we can have the same experiences..

I just hope to meet a group of gamers who aren't 10! And who like to have a good time! haha.


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... Sigh.

I just miss the days when Halo games were acuatlly good and took skill. :(


Halo 3>Halo Reach.

Setting your profile to look for "chatty" people doesn't automatically match you up with people with mics plugged in. It matches you up with people who have selected the same type of psych profile. A person who has never talked on XBL before can set his preferences to search for chatty people, and thus you will get matched up with him.

I tend to avoid Halo Reach MP without at least one buddy I can sit in party chat with and coordinate strategy.  Nothing like two manning an entire team for nearly a whole match.  Though you do get the occasional opposing team where every single person is with each other.  Those tend to drop my K/D ratio alot xD


Either way if you enjoy playing Halo then play it.  Don't let others affect your outcome nor your decision for team play.  I've been in plenty of matches where no one talked yet we stuck it out together and dominated.  Gotta give more credit to randoms.  They might surprise you ^.^  Always expect the lone wolf who believes they are godly though.  Then watch and /facepalm as said lone wolf gives the opposing team the majority of their winning kills.

The party chat system is somewhat to blame for this, people tend to use that more than game chat, and alot of the time it makes sense to because you just chat to your friends and people you already know,  and although it is a minority, people can be idiots in game chat by playing music, or singing or being offensive.

Usually when i play multiplayer game now i don't bother using a headset unless my teammates are actually talking and seem friendly, whereas before i always used to use my headset.

Party chat killed Xbox Live socially.

I remember having a conversation on Halo 3 with some guy randomly swinging racial comments about. After I got talking to him, he admitted to being a bit of a douche and agreed to stop using racial slurs. He turned out to be a pretty cool guy and we even played some games together over the next few weeks.

Today's Party chat wouldn't allow an experience like this. Perhaps most, I miss hearing people rage when I killed them. God damn I miss the old Halo 3 community. Best game i've ever had the fortune to play.

I miss the days of system link on Halo CE, ahh those were the days

[quote user="tabby 051"]

I miss the days of system link on Halo CE, ahh those were the days


LAN Parties. 

Seing the look on your friends face,

as you fragged him and took his flag on classic Beaver Creek.


OT: OP, I have the same worry.

But sometimes it's best to just hold onto that sliver of hope and make friends here.

The chattiness you speak of, is non-existent. More or less, people expect quiet and tranquility.


But were a Halo Community, what "Quiet" can we expect?


I just wish people were good sports like they used to be.

Halo 2 brought the constant post-game chatter of both teams saying "GG" (Good Game)

Nowadays, it's usually rants of how "I shoulda beat you, herpa derp derp"

I NEVER used a mic, and I NEVER talked on Halo 3, or any game for that matter.

But yes, Halo is much different now. It's just a feeling, if anything. I miss the old days of Halo 2 and early Halo 3.

I'd honestly say Reach takes a lot more skill than Halo 3...it's a lot harder to jump into compared to prior Halo games for sure. Don't get me wrong, I loved Halo 3 as well. Pre-party system definitely made the game a lot more enjoyable. Now only maybe a handful of people talk, and they generally have nothing good to say.

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