I met a jerk today...

So i was playing COD Black ops capture the flag. And i joined in the middle of a game on the losing team. The score was 2-0 and we were getting

RAKED so i did my best to just defend or flag so that it was harder for them to get the last capture (i knew we were going to lose anyway)

soon the game ended and we were all back in the lobby.

Then this dude from the enemy team asked how to pronounce my name.

"Zayah117" and i told him. And he was like "Zayah you are the worse COD player in history u sucked trying to defend the flag! U dont belong in

Call of duty black ops capture the flag! Get out of here, go play Zombies"

When he said this the whole lobby ROARED With laughter. I was like What the heck?

First of all i am a very good player in fact some friends i have in halo sent my friend requests just cause i did good.

Second of all i had just joined the game and i didnt have time to get alot of points or kills

and of COURSE i joined the losing team.

You guys probably dont care and will just say "Cool story bro"

But now i feel better


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I wouldn't worry about it.  All you can do is stay in the game and prove him wrong, although to be honest, you really have nothing to prove to players like that.  In any case, glad ya feel better now.


I would've camped the flag SOOOO hard the next game....good times.

At least people talk to you when you play Cod. -_-

The COD community is why I will never play COD's MP again.  It's suppose to be fun, and people like that, don't make it that way.  He probably picked that up from someone who said that to him anyway.

Most likely he was upset because you killed him a few times when he was trying to get the flat. I don't really play much CTF, but I will from time to time and generally there is someone camping on the enemy flag, laying down or something. It's frustrating, yes, but that's the point. Be a thorn and **** the other team off.

Like I said, I hate it myself when it happens. I rush constantly and mos will most likely kill everyone on the way to the flag :)  - But yeah, he was probably pissed 'cause you killed him a few times. Tell him to be smarter next time and not rush in blindly. Also if people started "roaring" with laughter at that 'gut buster' of a joke then, he was playing with people with mental retardation because it wasn't a witty quip.

The mute button is your friend.

tell him to get a girlfriend xD

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