I May Have the Greatest Black Ops Emblem Ever

If Anyone wants to also have this awesome Emblem, I can post a Youtube guide for it, or you can search it yourself :3


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The play?

That was a good play...

Oh wait, Bieber.

Oh crap, that took a few seconds to get.

But J.B. was a good play, regardless.

I had a similar emblem, a few weeks back. Emo hair and shades and all... 


Mines better [View:http://media.giantbomb.com/uploads/11/117256/1671071-poker_face_super.jpg]

the biebz!

This has gone too far

my emblem is better 

*fart noises*

No one ever seems to get my emblems. I think they require too much brain juices to figure out.

Mine's kewl bronanymous, you don't even know man... you don't even KNOW!!!!!!