I made a UK account and put 1200 points and when i try download Black Ops Maps says " This item isnt available from your current location"

Help please! i live in Croatia now and i brought my US xbox and im using a PAL Black Ops so i wanted the new map packs and i know the UK version will work so i made a UK account and put 1200 Microsoft points that i bought from UK store online everything works but when i tried purchasing the map pack it says " This item isnt available from your current location " like wtf am i suppose to do now? i just made a UK account and used 17Euros now for nothing? Please Help id Appreciate it!


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Not with your present account.

You'd need to create a US account in order to download the map-pack in the USA. Which of course means buying more points for that account. 

This page describes the situation better than I can. It is about the 'Rezurrection' pack but the same holds true for the other Black Ops DLC.  Black Ops: ‘Rezurrection'; Add On Compatibility

im Using my US account but i created a UK account so i can get the PAL DLC bc my Black Ops cd is PAL and works fine on my US Xbox and Account

Yea Croatia isnt supported region is that why some game demos cant download and say the samething? well im moving back to Cali in a few weeks so would it work there?

The information behind the link does say it needs an English language disc, it doesn't mention PAL or NTSC, so you should be okay with that as long as you use the US account when you are in the USA.

Nothing you can do other than wait for Croatia to become a supported region.

With Black Ops all regions (game, account and physical) must match if you want to purchase DLC.