I love this game but it's a bit buggy anyone else notice this stuff?

Most bugs I've encountered have to do with free running. It seems to be not as fluid as in the other AC's and very buggy.

I was always decent with it able to chase down thieves and people fleeing from me. but in this one I have trouble even keeping up in races. Ezio keeps jumping in the wrong direction, instead of going straight he goes 45 degrees off to one side or another.

I was running holding RT and A ran to the edge of a roof expecting to jump to the chimney that was 4 feet away and instead ezio drops and hangs onto the roof.

During a mission I was walking on the street and came to the edge of a building that had a awning above it and ezio stop and leaned over like I was looking off a roof. I had to run and jump over a invisible gap.

I found a couple of areas where there are crates set up like steps leading to a roof. Run up the steps hit the building and fall back down. And the roof wasn't very high since I ended up walking to the side of the building and just jumping up and grabbing the roof without any boxes. 

And the most funniest bug I saw, and I wish I had a capture card or something. I got into a fight with guards and killed them. And the townspeople ran away but this one woman ran into a corner. She had turned around like she should have to run out of the corner but another woman was behind her pushing her back into the corner. It was funny because the one woman is trying to run away screaming "I got to get out of here" while the other woman is literally kept pushing her back into the corner.

Anyone else seeing this issues?


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The running to edge and not jumping is not a big deal, since you are engaging your character in free running of sorts, release the A button, then tap, to jump from roof to roof.


Jumping in odd directions such as 45 degrees, this happened in the previous games as well, which can get very annoying on timed missions. And as far as characters walking into a corner, seen it happen with guards as well, where in open conflict the guy was stuck near crates, bouncing up and down.


I wound up searching for a book atop of one of the mosques, I decided to drop down from rooftop, I literally got stuck mid air in one of the poles you swing from, luckily somehow I got out of that by spamming climb button.


Where Yussuf takes you to roof top for the very first den defense, there is a guard on one of the rooftops that uses bombs, if you venture in that area after the den defense, you'll notice the guard is stuck waist deep in the roof of building.

I think the game is a dissapointment compared to the old AC games. Both controls, movement and animation of chracters and surrounding are full of bugs. I don't understand why they've changed the controls either, I feel that the controls of AC II & AC Brotherhood were the most fluid controls in any xbox game.

I don't get a lot out of the bombs either, anyone feel they are of great use?