I love the game but....

I have one major annoyance with this game.  That is, in Conquest, what annoys me, and should be removed, is having a big letter of the flag youre closest to appear in the middle of the screen.  Its annoying, and very intrusive when youre trying to fight for a flag, but cant see because you have a giant letter A,B, or C in the middle of your screen blocking your view. 

I dont understand why they thought this was a good idea, they didnt do it in BC 2, or 1943, but felt the need to implement it in here. 


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Yep.  I noticed this and thought it was odd.  It does go away once you get outside of the area, maybe they do it to deter hanging out at flags.  Which still is odd since strategically it makes sense to leave some squads to guard.


You got me but I agree.

they do it so you know when you are in the flag capture radius.

They didnt do that with BC 2, and seems irrelevant to do it now.  You were in the capture radius when you heard ticking.  They can still let you know youre in the radius without it being overly intrusive, or at least make it go away when you enter it.

not disagreeing with you, just stating what i thought.

The other thing is when you get within that radius you can no longer mark the flag as an objective for your squad, I know it's not much but I like the extra points you get when you kill an enemy or resupply a teammate when the flag is marked.