I love RTS Games, but... do people still play Halo Wars?

I was wondering because I would love to play a good RTS on a console and wasn't sure if people still play this game or not.

Let me know if its still worth the buy and if the multiplayer community is still strong. 


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I would say in my belief Halo Wars is worth it if your interested in RTS games, and the community is still active and you find a lot of challenging players when you get a good win streak. If you want to play sometime just mssg me.

yeah man, if you are doing multiplayer, you will be fine. there are plenty of players for that. if you want to do co-op, you should post something on here asking for a partners. people still play co-op, but you have to let people know you are down.

I'm really late to the thread but if anyone is interested in picking up this game but is worried the community is dead, Don't be. There are about 1 to 3 thousand players active throughout the day at any given time. This may not seem like a lot compared to Halo 4 or Call of Duty but it is enough to find a game quickly. The Halo Wars community is small but dedicated.

People still play, but there is a ton of butt hurt. Halo Wars community sucks, but altogether, it's a great RTS game.

add me kr3wcialiidbzii