I LOVE playing this game but 1 thing for me is annoying!!

I really enjoy playing Future soldier online, its fresh and like nothing else on Xbox. I love the cover system and upgrades on the weapons and all the maps are reasonably good apart from mill I don't really like it. The only thing that I find really frustrating is the melee, I hate running round a corner and some locks you in by holding x I get sucked into being killed no end of times even I hold x I get sliced every time also the fact that when you see the enemy and hold x you have to have your recticle hovered over him which can also be annoying.


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the melee system needs a tweak , get into a one on one with someone in the same room all you have to do is hit X and no matter where they are or which way your facing their dead , its far too easy to get a melee kill

Yea but one thing I do like about being on the wrong side of a melee, if you have a buddy watching your back he can kill the perpetrator before he kills you. If you friends fast enough

You do not need to hold x to melee, just to let you know......Holding x is only for actions like ladders and reviving team mates.

I rarely use the melee,  You don't need it to be successfull in this game.

If your holding X your never going to kill anyone, by holding X you bypassing melee for a complete different action.  Melee is a simple quick press of the X button.  Also there is no being sucked in such as with COD, what you are referring to is the animations that are triggered but that is different than being 'sucked in'  or lunging as in other games.

A simple tweak would be that melee only works when you are behind an unsuspecting enemy.  No head-on melee kills.