I love halo but the game setting suck big time

I have noticed in Halo 3 and 4 that I would put on subtitles on ( instead of the default setup of automatic) and then when I play the game later it resets all the time to default... And I noticed in 4 that it also resets the button layout to default all the time now... ( I prefer the boxer setup)  which is quite annoying when your playing and your throwing a grenade instead of smacking somebody in the face and killing yourself in the process


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Yeah I never understood what the "automatic" setting does.  How is it different from off?  For me it should be automatically turned on since I'm hearing impaired.

meh I just like reading it specially since I do have to keep my TV  low.. but its always a pain to always having to go to settings and keep putting it on... It is 2012 and every game saves the settings except for halo 4 and halo 3

My controller setting save just the way I want them... I must be special ^.^

yeah same here bumper jumper since the first day and only change it once from default to bumper jumper, I like bumper jumper, I jump with my bumper button, bumper jumper