I lost almost 100 burn cards?

Earlier tonight I unlocked the 500 burn card achievement.

However, I was just looking at my stats (Personal Stats->Misc) and it shows that I have only activated 400 burn cards. I have about 20 in my deck right now. What happened to the other 80?


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Did you discard them? You can only hold 25 at a time, but you can throw cards away. I think you'd probably remember if you threw a whole bunch of cards away though, but that's the only thing I can think of other than the stats being glitchy.

There are a max amount of cards you can hold.  If you unlock a bunch of cards while you have some cards in your inventory you automatically lose those cards.  Try to keep a decent amount of room in your inventory.  I always discard anything that isn't rare or anything that I know I wont use in the next few games.

You can only hold 26 at a time, so maybe deleting them counts towards the achievement?

Why hold any? Just use them.

@UneasyJmitchell - I get so many that I can't use them fast enough. My deck is in constant flux between 15-26 cards. I have to regularly discard cards that I'm not going to use - in addition to using 3 every game - just to keep room available in my deck for new cards.

@SigmaTheDJ - You're probably right about discarded cards. I discard quite a bit and wasn't thinking about those counting towards the achievement last night. Thanks!

So I am guessing that you "earn" more than 3 Burn Cards each game then?

Burn cards are earned from completing challenges. Most challenges award one burn card for completing the challenge. Some challenges award 2 or 3. Other challenges award a rare burn card pack (3-5 cards?).

The number of challenges you complete in a game determines how many burn cards you are awarded.


Wonder how many I lost, before realizing they get bumped. Ever since then, I've been pretty good at managing them. I regularly have to toss some.

Before every match, I ALWAYS make sure that I have room for at least 3 new cards. But even that is pushing it.

Sounds like a game of bakugon my nephew loves to play.

Op you got BURNED!