I lose to.....

Players who just jump in & pressure me, its doing my head in cos im just not quick enough & crumble under the pressure.  I learnt alot of players combos but find it hard doing them on a moving opponent, I know the answer is to be patient & wait on a mistake from my opponent, but to be honest I refuse to sit back & turtle esp as they are only player matches. I think another reason is that i've tried to learn so many combos with different characters & get confused sometimes but I don't really want to be good with 2 or 3 & useless with the rest. 

Also, why didn't they just make the throw button, the anti throw button like in SF4, I get thrown alot as im pushin L1.

Anyway, what type of player do you hate playing against & gives you the most loses?


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I use 11 people so it depends some of them have good AA some dont.  So if I play a person who has a crappy AA against someone who jumps a lot I may lose.  As far as throws go there is two different ways to break the two different grabs. 2,4 break front grab and 1,3 breaks back grab I believe.  So its best to do a tech crouching move if your anticipating a grab so mash d3, or d4 if you think a grabs coming their quick moves and you dont have to fear counter hits like in other games

You use 11 characters?  Your head must be melting with all the combos you have to remember.  I need my opponent to be frozen or stunned for me to get a combo going, im just to slow.

I have so many characters so I can eventually pick up shang Tsung and have knowledge of all characters whenever I soul steal the only thing thats hard is remember fatalities more so than anything else cause I'm trying to do my kung fu is stronger legit.  Its hard to remember fatalities when I dont care to to do them in the first place.

if they are constantly jumping, blocking High will block it, then you will be able to punish his attacks, and let you get your combo game going..

Damn 11? Haha, I'm familiar with a bunch of fighters and have at least 2 heavy combo's for each but I only Main 2 fighters. They are the only ones I can really compete with on a higher level.

Thats the same wiith me , I can use Sub & Scorp to a decent level but don't like picking them constantly as it gets dull.  Been trying to use Raiden, Ermac, Smoke, Noob & my personal fav Quan chi (im useless online with him) but its fun non the less.

Been gettin hammered by ppl that are just spamming recently, I really need my defence sorted out.  Never played a Kung Lao user until recently & lose badly to him cos of all his spamming & wake up moves.  He just has to many moves.

I don't play online but I play Kung Lao on expert alot. I know it's different than fighting a actual person but the AI will use the wake up spin ALOT! I've learned to stay up from Lao when he is down. Other than that he isn't that bad to me. And make sure you use a combo breaker if need be, much more important than a Xray.

I use about 5 characters, not good with any of them but can play ok with one of them.