I looking for good online game

I don't like shooter i was playing halo but sick being told i suck so i snap the dics in 2 any boody no known game that could $20 or less i have card game but no one play them any more i would like a game comtey sorry spell i am handcap just post games my profile is open have a look it if like i just want a game waer i make new friends


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oh if want to my age i am 31 i be get gold soon

Shadowrun still has an active community and it is fun. It is a shooter, but you have cool spells etc. Even though Skyrim is a sp game, the community is top-class in my opinion and you can make friends in the Skyrim forum.


I can't suggest much personally, since I'm not a fan of much other than shooters online, but Brandiesel would be right about the Skyrim community.


If you like Racing games you might try Forza 4, ideally, or Forza 3... the community is dedicated on the Forza website and generally friendly and helpful.


Good luck finding people man : )

@Brandiesel- As much as I wanna suggest Shadowrun to everyone it sounds like he'd hate the experience. If he snapped his Halo in half because people thought he sucked he might snap his Xbox in half after playing SR. Not that the community is as bad as the Halo community but the gameplay has a steep learning curve and it can be pretty frustrating for new people.


Skyrim is a good community but I doubt he's gonna find it for 20 bucks or less.


@PowerNinjaFox- If you haven't played it yet go buy Mass Effect 1. It's probably 5 bucks at this point and it's awesome. If you like it get the second version, it's probably cheap too. The third one is coming out soon, by the time you finish the other two it will be on sale or reduced price.

Three games I can think of that you can play solo or with others are:

Fable III

Kingdom for Keflings

A World of Keflings

There is an odd griefer or two here and there, but for the most part, almost everyone I met playing those games was pretty decent.

Almost everyone I met playing those invited me to Uno when I told them I was 12

The only game I can think of that the OP would have the attention span for would be Fable 2 or Fable 3.  There is no way the op will be able to play or enjoy Skyrim. No way.  

You can try Rainbow Six Vegas 2. Its $7.99 at Gamestop and has a cult following.


Here's a link to the game at Gamestop