I like this game but its not made by IW!

I'm warming up to the game and starting to have fun but this game reminds me of Bo1 so much that I have a hard time believing it is made by IW!  At least pre-mw3 IW.  It plays like a Treyarch cod in so many ways.  It doesn't look like a IW game!  The point system is spot on to the cash system of bo1!  The oddball lvl 60 to max, the rubber bullet syndrome even the guns look like something you would see in a Treyarch made game.  IW has been dead for years anyway, Sledgehammer made Mw3!  If Treyarch didn't play a big roll in this game then I'll kick myself in the Nutz!


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Go back to the 360 version.  The low pop on the one leads to Treyarch like lag.

treyarch ops 2 is way less laggy on the 360

Do you get paid to troll?  Black ops 2 was the laggiest call of duty....Not even close.

Well the two good things is I haven't really come across any lag on the One version.  My game runs smooth especially since I payed to have a professional properly hook up my internet!  Plus with the way the servers are done on the One I have never been in a game that has lost connection to the host!  So thats a huge improvement to the 360 version!

funny that ops 2 doesnt lag for me but ghosts does, luck of the draw

Well I haven't really liked a cod since Mw2 and older titles.  Bo1 was ok, mw3 sucked, took it back!  And blops 2 was almost unbearable but I played it until I hit 10th.  I experienced lag and host dropping in that game like no other title!  But I was also having connection issues that weren't fixed until this past summer.  

BO2 seemed to favour people with poopy connection,I used to suffer in that game with the lag comp,Not seen lag yet on Ghosts on One.Much less rage inducing.

black ops 2 is so much better now, for me anyway