i know what the mass effect 3 dlc is

the subject says all if you want to know forum post on here and il tell you i dont want to post in because of it might be spoilers


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You mean you've read the posts below this one and now want to keep them secret by asking people to post here for the information?

sorry i say it if you want here it goes the dlc is called Called "From Ashes," the DLC was briefly available for 800 Microsoft Points and carried the following description:

"Unearth lost secrets from the past and recruit the Prothean squad member in Mass Effect 3: From Ashes."

There was a thread made before this one with 'From Ashes' in the title, why not contribute to that thread instead of starting your own.


It's always good to help but then there is trying too hard.

oh i didnt see that sorry

yeah, that's all covered in the other thread. i think the protean's name is ian, or at least that's what everyone is calling him...sorta like jack is also known as subject zero. also he has an African accent, or some kind of Caribbean accent maybe? i heard a bunch of his dialog but i'm *** with accents and stuff.

well i dont know but i think its a trailer out for it