I know this is a long shot....

Does anyone have an extra beta code they would like to give out?  I would be very grateful.


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I believe they opened it up to the public as of saturday or sunday. And it ends today.

The beta ends at 6PM PST on Feb 19

And yes, the beta has been opened up to everyone.

So we can only play the beta until the 19th or it will be only available till the 19th for download. ?

According to this: www.titanfall.com/betainfo

The BETA ends on February 18th at 6pm PST. (Not the 19th)

Again that means no more game play or it not being available for download. ??

I guess that we'll know tonight at 6pm PST... :p

My own interpretation of the BETA ending means that the servers will no longer be available for us to play.

When the BETA ends, that's it. No more playing the game, unless they notice something they haven't tested yet and extend the BETA. That has happened a few times with the last couple of BETAs.

From the Titanfall twitter account, posted last night:

[quote user="Titanfall Twitter"]

Q&A for the two most asked questions on Twitter: The Beta ends at 6PM PST 2/19 and no, your Beta stats will not carry over to the full game.



The 19th!!! That's awesome news!!! I know what I'll be doing for the next two nights now!!!!