i know how to fix the hacker problem.

i think they should just reset EVERYONE's account,rank, stats, leaderboards EVERYTHING back to rank 1, so the people who are deranked and cant play the game anymore (like me) can play again. AND to flush out the hackers who "magicly" go from 1 -10th 70 (or whatever the max level is) overnight so they can be banned FOREVER and the game enjoyable again.

it couldne be that hard for them to reset everything right?


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It's not the hard, but IW have more pressing issues of MW3 and to make as much money out of it.  

as long as you keep buying their latest release,why would they bother to fix the old ones?

whoa ! slow down there cowboy . I've almost prestiged here , let's not go nuts. Wait until I've prestiged then reset everyone

Absolutely Owen, most of the people that originally played this game have long moved on from COD.

People will always buy the latest thing, they don't think about the other games in the franchise. Players a fickle and will always go with the hype.

[quote user="FippleIon"]People will always buy the latest thing,[/quote]

I didn`t buy the latest one ,based on their history of giving up supporting their games.

[quote user="FippleIon"]they don't think about the other games in the franchise[/quote]

i see mw3 is one your recent games so i guess your one of "they"

i am indeed one of they Owen, but i'm starting to coming round to giving them up. I don't think i believed the hype though, more over it was out of habit. I got bored of BlackOps pretty quickly and MW3 in going the same way.

The games are good for split screening and i've always like the campaign and the other little extras of Spec Ops and Zombies.

Just getting bored of the MP, i mainly bought Black Ops and MW3 because i was in a clan, which i left and find myself playing COD4 and COD5 when i get bored of MW3.

It's a shame they don't support them for very long, support though doesn't bring in the money!

i agree. somewhat. i have first prestige lvl 55 2 gold guns. i run into modders but they usually leave cus me and my friend are actually really good and can make them made pretty mad. i've even been accused of mods. but i dont. thing is that pc version has a thing that wants you to mod. so if people wanna mod switch to pc. want a controller? get a wireless adapter or a wired controller. end rant...

yeah after mw2 and mw3 im pretty sure i wont ever buy an iw cod..as for treyarch ill wait and see what they say about it on the forums before i buy it.

MW3 and MW2 hopefully they don't go down that route with the ranks.