I kind of like it here..

Being a bad sport has only one advantage. And that's blowing people's cars up. From what I read here that's something people want. Well you are all right. It's fun placing that missile ahead of the poor sap who never sees it coming. Call me a bad sport sure, but I'm not the only one.

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Imminent Amazing super villain?

zero gamer score? You bad alright.....

Lmao...well i don't get off on blowing unsuspecting passersby skyhigh,but peoples cars getting blown up is sometimes unavoidable and SOMETIMES they dang well deserve it,...and when they do,screw getting bad sport!I'm doing it anyway,cause justice must be served,and served while in my y fronts!

I do.

Don't get me wrong the missions, races, and the lot are all fun to do. But pounding someone into submission is the best. I'm even getting better at taking out tanks. Not that is matters, a new one is available to them at just a phone call away. Ill even destroy people's cars that are abandoned. It's easy to see the little skittles from way up high. I might be a D , but I'm not the only one.