I Keep Getting Banned?

I see that there's a lot of hate for "quitters" so I'm sure someone's going to flame me without even reading the whole post... Whatever. Anyway, I'm not sure what's going on. I didn't quit the game; I was in the middle of a team slayer match with friends and it took me to a black screen with the teams and then it said "game over" and took me to the post-game lobby. Then I saw I was banned for "quitting". It happened earlier this evening, too, when I was in arcade firefight matchmaking and the other three apparently quit because they were nowhere to be found once the first wave started - I completed the match and got banned for "quitting". I checked my Internet and my connection is fine. I'm confused and really starting to get frustrated.


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Well, we can't help you here.


The best source of help would be here on 343i forums, as they are in control of the happenings. Try there.

I've experienced the same problem before but in my case it was my internet connection. My only advice is to make sure that nothing else is using your connection and if it's still happening then move your xbox around the room that it's in or move your router etc etc.

I got banned twice yesterday and already once today.  Yesterday were firefight arcade matches, my connection was perfectly fine and but it just laggs horribly unless you search under "good connection" and then it says all the other players quit so i continue on my own but  then i get back in the lobby and i've been banned for quitting.  I don't seem to get much lagg when i prioritise to good connection so try that.



Also got banned today due the fact that whenever i seem to pick up the sniper rifle some tosser who is far inferior than me at the game wants to betray me for it because they suck so badly they can't get kills any other way, and basically if someone purposely tries to betray me then i just betray them repeatdly until i'm kicked, i don't wanna play with complete idiots who don't understand the basic concept of working as a team.



But yes, firefight is soooo laggy, it needs sorting out, also why is there no laserfight game mode in arcade fight with infinite splasers in the starting classes, that would be awesome.  I hardly come across the splaser in matchmaking or firefight.

I suspect that it IS your connection, because there's no way three players would quit at the same time over several games.


Your connection dropping out will make it look like that's happening, however.

Yeh i know it's me that is disconnecting but the thing is it's never happened to me in multiplayer, just firefight.

No no, I meant for the OP.


He said it wasn't but I still think it is [:P].