I just would like some new people but must follow these simple standards.

1.You must not be under 15 or over the age of 25 because age could be very indifferent in the case we will not be very likeminded about things or topics to speak about. Please be in this age range or I Will not add you.

2.You should be able to have fun laughs and take jokes as I like to mess around and still have fun besides playing the game.

3. Hopefully You will add me and we will actually interact in a few games. I have had many people add me and we never even speak after adding each other. So do Not add me if you think we will never get the chance to play something.

4. I will not always want to join your party's or game invites all of the time so please don't take it as an offence or insult towards you this has happened a lot to me.

5.These are the small things I would like for anyone who would want to be friends to follow. :)


I have a large amount of games that we could play. I also get online about 4 or 5 days a week so I'm sure we have some time to play at least once a week or so. I know my profile says "Kid" But I'm not really a kid at all if your wondering yourself but some of the games on my list I have traded in or sold for other games so ask me about them. I just would like some new friends like this because Xbox can be very boring with out people to play with or talk to. This is all I hope to play with some of you people soon on my vacation!



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Hi there! I seem to fit into all those categories, but my question is, do YOU fit into MY categories? To be my friend you have to be:




D cup (Or higher)

College degree (Liberal arts, gender studies, etc do not count)

Did I mention white?


Black or blonde haired. Ginger or brown-haired people need not apply

You must wear AT LEAST size 11 shoes.

Not under 5'4

Not over 150 lbs

Blue eyed

Certified electrician

Drive exclusively Chevrolet vehicles

Know how to code Java OR C++

Have a Ghosts K/D of over 1.50


Able to speak Swahili


That's it! If you fit into all of those categories, send me a FR!

Sounds like you guys deserve each other!  :o

Hmm, interesting, a list of rules to be a friend,  lol

Why not include a psychological test?  I actually put my potential boyfriends through them to see how they tick.  If they fail, I have to turn them loose.  Happens.  

That's true. She did.

i'll keep it simple. no kids or people who use a kinect as a mic. other then that, i'm cool with just about anyone.